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The installation and setup ensures the integration of the management system into your IT structure and allows it to precisely meet the requirements of your organization and your business.

Our installation and configuration operations are carried out in two phases.

For our Business Management Software FLEXI MANAGEMENT

To effectively meet the requirements of your business, AM CONCEPT SERVICES offers a range of tailor-made services.

  • Remote Handshoots: installation, update, network settings ...
  • Thematic Distance Handling: Company Setting
  • Hands-on for the installation of FLEXIGESTION
  • Handling FLEXI MANAGING up to date, network setting ...)

Do you want to customize your commercial parts (quotes, invoices ...)?

AM CONCEPT SERVICES does it for you!

An AM CONCEPT SERVICES technician imports and retrieves your data from the medium of your choice ...

A non-software incident FLEXI MANAGEMENT damaged your files? Get effective support!

In case of an incident outside the software FLEXI MANAGING that would damage your data, accidental shutdown of your computer system, mishandling, power failure, password loss, etc. !

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