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Business-to-Business Business Software Training

How is the training at AM CONCEPT SERVICES?

Within its headquarters in Casablanca, AM CONCEPT SERVICES welcomes you to its premises.
Business-to-business training takes place over two days and the number of participants is limited to favor the exchange. They are mainly dedicated to beginners.

Our trainers AM CONCEPT SERVICES bring their expertise and advice to adapt your use to your activity.
From a course support, the training sessions are progressive and accompanied by a series of concrete cases . They will help you improve your FLEXI MANAGEMENT and thus increase your productivity.

The business-to-business training software business management:

Business-to-business training offers many benefits to participants. First, the assimilation of the program is much faster because of the limited number of trained.

The exchanges between the participants are facilitated and the discussions more animated.
It is also the opportunity for each participant to meet other employees occupying equivalent missions.

Training objectives

Be able to manage your business activity: purchases, sales, prospecting, billing, inventory.

Custom Software Program Business Management

Create and set up the folder

♦ Create company details
♦ Define users
♦ Code bases and parts
♦ Define billing methods

Manage sales

♦ Quote and save orders
♦ Issue and track delivery notes
♦ Establish invoices and holdings
♦ Track and cash regulations
♦ Master the relations between the different commercial parts

Follow the activity

♦ Consult the dashboard
♦ Follow and analyze the activity
♦ Edit the statistics

Manage Inventory

♦ Check the inputs and outputs of inventory
♦ Edit the inventory
♦ Perform the inventory control

Manage the basics

♦ Fill in the tables (VAT, TPF, payment methods, other lists)
♦ Save the data (representatives, articles, customers, suppliers)

Working on Lists

♦ Sort and search for information
♦ Customize and edit displayed columns

Perform periodic treatments

♦ Generate an accounting journal
♦ Transfer to Ciel Compta (or other application)

Customize documents

♦ Integrate its logo
♦ Modify the displayed columns

Exploit utilities

♦ Back up and restore the folders
♦ Check the data
♦ Import or export the data



2, rue Faidi Khalifa 3 Floor N ° 7 20,000 Cassablanca Morocco


♦ Beginner users of FLEXI GESTION Prerequisites

♦ Convenient billing and inventory tracking

♦ Common use of the Windows environment

♦ Progressive training with concrete cases

♦ Demonstration on the big screen and application exercises on the software

♦ Using a course material for application exercises

♦ Ref. GC: FI 1-001

♦ Duration:

10 hours on 2 days

♦ Price:

1500 DH / HT per user

For more information, feel free to contact