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Manage your business serenely with AM CONCEPT SERVICES support packages!

Business Management Software Support Formulas

Support for Business Management Software

You want to simplify your management, save valuable time and make the most of your software FLEXI GESTION

Our courses are flexible and can cover all the software features  FLEXI GESTION as well as areas of business management.

To meet your expectations, AM CONCEPT SERVICES offers a complete range of maintenance services tailored to your needs. The AM CONCEPT SERVICES hotline provides real support in the daily use of your software  FLEXI GESTION and valuable support to adapt to changes in legislation.

Quickly discover our assistance packages for commercial management software:

AM CONCEPT SERVICES Platinum Service for Business Management Software

  • Effective telephone support and support services
  • You get unlimited access to our dedicated team of technical consultants for one year.
  • AM CONCEPT SERVICES guarantees a priority issue
  • In case of waiting, you can be called back by a dedicated technician.

Software  FLEXI GESTION consistent with legal or regulatory developments technical

  • Your software  FLEXI GESTION alert immediately as soon as a new update is available
  • We are providing you with the latest version of your software FLEXI GESTION on your dedicated space to take advantage of the latest technical developments.

A tailor-made support for commercial management software

  • You get a diagnosis of your data and files with one of our experienced technical consultants, by telephone ..
  • You get a remote grip: A technician AM CONCEPT SERVICES takes control of your computer and performs directly from his post, the necessary manipulations to install your software FLEXI GESTION  or your update quickly and efficiently, set up your software FLEXI GESTION based on legal information, retrieve data from your old management system and transfer these to your new equipment
  • Enjoy state customization by our technicians (adding columns, images, icons etc.)
  • You benefit from our inter-company, distance or intra-company training courses: Our trainers adapt to your needs, bring you their expertise to guarantee you an everyday efficiency in the use of your software  FLEXI GESTION and make your management easier.

Go faster to the basics of business management software

  • You have access to a dedicated area on am-concept-services.com 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, to get answers to the most frequently asked technical or functional questions
  • You receive the manual "Tips and Tricks AM CONCEPT SERVICES" illustrated by screenshots and explanations simple and clear in order to optimize the use of your software

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