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A new function makes it possible to transform a delivery slip into a subscription according to the model invoice model (for rentals for example).

From the company configuration, preferences of standard functions, click on various and then subscription tab: it is possible to set a reference item "LOCATION" to integrate at the beginning of subscription.

It is also possible when converting the BL into a subscription, not to import article references but only their label. As and when billing this subscription, the delivery slip will change from the current state to partially billed and billed when the sum of the bills of the subscription will be at least equal to the amount of the BL.

The status will indicate "Partial fact abt" and "Fact abt". The user knows that this is a subscription.

Support batch numbers. On an item, if in a BL you specify one or more lot numbers, when it is converted into a subscription, they will be recorded in the lot number column of the subscription. If there are multiple lot numbers in the BL, they will be separated by a comma.