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Automatic file.

In the clients it is already possible to set up, from the company configuration, standard preferences tab, a basic folder then the program then creates a subfolder of the reference of each client entered or modified. We added the same function for suppliers.

It is now possible to define a list of subfolders that will be automatically created in the customer or supplier folder. A button automatically creates all the folders for existing customers and suppliers.
Selection of attached documents.

The user can select multiple files at once to attach them.

In progress

Outstanding management now exists for suppliers as well. Previously, it was just information. Since this version, if the amount exceeds the amount outstanding (if specified in the customer or supplier record and not equal to zero), the program informed in data capture and transformation if the outstanding exceeds the maximum allowed.

NB: the maximum amount of outstandings is managed in customer and supplier import.


If you associate a PDF or image document with a purchase or sale document, it also appears as a thumbnail in a column and when you click on it, the external document opens. The operating mode is the same as in the purchase / sales document management screen.

Subscription tab: The reach button opens the subscription management screen and positions itself on the selected subscription: this gives access to all possible functions for a subscription.

As you can see Flexi management can be suitable for any type of activity, it is at the same time an association management software, auto entrepreneur management software, store management software, sme management software