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Modification of sales price display for sales management: there are now two columns:
- Sales price excluding VAT
- Sales price incl. VAT
Addition also the column indicating that the price is entered in HT or TTC. Warning: this is the standard price of the material master. This function is not valid for catalog prices, or referencing or variants.


It is possible to import into custom fields and rankings.


Possibility of forcing the user to select a family by entering an article
record. Click on company then set up and then configuration of the company then
click on the preferences tab of standard functions then article and check the box
"Require the selection of a family"


You can open as many screens as you want in consultation mode.
Automatic folder.
In clients it is already possible to set up, from the company configuration, standard preferences tab, a folder of base then the program then creates a subfolder of the reference of each client entered or modified. We added the same function for articles.

Viewing attached images

From the setting of the item, you can choose to display the images
associated with the items (via the attached documents) in the following screens:
- Multicriteria search article
- Provisional and physical inventory (management, movements, query)
- Entry of purchase part (quote, order, receipt and invoice)
- Seizure of sales document (auto contractor quote, auto entrepreneur invoice quote , purchasing management)
- Querying sales prices


It is possible with your commercial software to enter a bar code for one of the variants. When entering a purchase or sale document, if you scan this barcode, the article and the variant with which it is associated will be selected. Attention, it is not possible to combine a barcode for two variants. Example: case of a color variant and a size variant. You enter the same barcode for red color and size M, the program will select one of the two variants but not both at the same time. In import of inventory record, the notion of variant barcode is also implemented.

Import variants

Added an import function for article variants. It is now possible to import the variants 1 to 3 of your article file, to define the variant which determines the price, to define if this price is entered TTC or HT, to define if you import a price or a coefficient, to define the external reference for the variant determining the price and to define if the variants 1 to 3 are obligatory.

NB: the articles of the variants you are importing must exist, you can use the import of articles before

NB2: variants are imported by label. Those that do not exist will be created automatically.

Related Articles

It is possible to create an article related to others with your sales management software. When you enter this item for sale, related items will automatically be added. From the material sheet, general tab, list "Type of BOM": select linked article.

Click on the "Nomenclature" tab and select all articles related to it. These will then be automatically added to the sales document with the article they depend on.