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It is possible to generate digital invoices (in PDF format) automatically with our application to make invoices

Simply activate the digital invoice module in the company configuration then parts and invoice.

You will also have to tell the program in which folder to generate the invoices then what information should contain the name of the file (PDF generation tab).

For each customer who wants to dematerialize their invoice, simply check in their form, general tab, various: "Electronic invoice".

When entering an invoice or generating subscription invoices, if the customer is in electronic invoice, a PDF will be generated where indicated. When you click on "Print", a message will warn that the customer is in digital invoice but will perform a paper print (allows to force the paper mode).

A "Sales" option and then "Generate electronic invoices" has been added. It allows to generate the PDF of invoices coming from customer in digital invoice or name (manual mode).

When entering an invoice, it is possible to check that you want an electronic invoice (generated in PDF format). When the invoice has been generated in PDF, it is no longer possible to uncheck this option.

NB: the digital invoice will be offered as an add-on.

NB 2: this module can be completed by a function on your website, which will allow your customers to view and download their digital bill.